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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 27, 2013, 12:01 AM

-Rules, Guidelines, and Judging-

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 10, 2012, 10:15 PM


:bulletblack: Be Nice: Respect your fellows, and don't be a jerk, troll, or drama queen. You'll get one warning before we give you the boot.

:bulletblack: Be Responsible: OCTs take up a lot of your time, and you need to be sure you're prepared to have a lot of your free time eaten up by working on comics and stuff.

:bulletblack: Follow the dA ToS and Etiquette Guidelines: Links to those can be found at the bottom of your dA page. Scroll down.

:bulletblack: Note the Group: If you want a question answered, note the group. Simple as that.

Character Reference Guidelines

:bulletorange: Humans Only... At First: We want to give everyone a 'blank slate' at the beginning. Once in the castle, the crazy stuff can begin.

:bulletorange: Costume: You'll need to include at least the costume in a reference. 'cause folks need to know that. That is, if they're going to wear a costume.

:bulletorange: Full Color: 'cause, y'know. People're gonna need to know the colors of your character in order to draw 'em into their entries.

:bulletorange: Personality and Background Information: So folks can write your character into their entries and stay true to your character.

Audition Guidelines

The hosts of Spook Chateau have anonymously asked for the attention of many- through many means, including but not limited to, invitations, planted word-of-mouth, ads in the newspaper and telephone calls. They promise a party like no other, filled with contests that will lead to fabulous prizes and other such things. Costumes are optional, as that seems to be one of the main contests.

Requirements: Submit your character's reference (following the guidelines) and a short comic, animation or animated storyboard introducing your character, how they caught wind of the invitations, and how they get to Spook Chateau.

Deadline: October 31st, 2012

On Judging

Your entries will be judged on a few key items: story, character treatment, creativity, and quality.

:bulletblack: Story: While you're welcome to include fighting in your rounds, we're going to judge your entry based on the story you deliver, rather than how well your character triumphed over the other.

:bulletblack: Character Treatment: Treat your opponent's character(s) fairly, give them proper time in the spotlight- treat the rounds like interactive art trades rather than a means to show off your own character.

:bulletblack: Creativity: Ready, set, go- take your blank canvas and run with it. You've got the imagination, and all we're going to give you is a prompt- carry us out of the median and onto the highway!

:bulletblack: Quality: You don't need to write a novel to impact your audience- it's quality over quantity, here.


Journal Entry: Sat Jun 30, 2012, 7:33 AM

SpookChateau is a creative story-based original character tournament that will take place largely inside of a big ol' spooky castle. There's very few limitations, and most of the story is up to you.

The Castle

While you get to design everything within it, there are several suggestions here and there on the hosts' reference sheet, it's ultimately up to you. Just remember that you're going to be judged on your work, and you do want to impress the judges. So have fun with it.

Everything Changes

The core of this OCT is to start off with a normal, human individual, and twist them into something right out of a horror movie. Those who arrive in costume will likely be changed into the thing they dressed as- and those who don't, or take off their costume before it's too late, will either be put up for grabs or sneakily changed by the hosts. The castle, too, will change for the worse, as well as the hosts themselves- but their final form is up to you (we've provided suggestions for that, too). Everything changes. Why? That's your story.


The castle is, obviously, not just any castle. Once inside, thing'sll get weird, and downright impossible- it's a hotspot for the paranormal, a convention of the supernatural, and above all, an absolute collaboration of campy and serious, humor and horror.. the fact is, you can go any way with your story, be it silly or dramatic, and you'd be doing it right.

Be sure to read the rules and guidelines- a link to which is on the group's front page.


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2011, 3:36 PM

The castle sits on the edge of a dangerous cliff, at the end of a stairway carved right into the rock. It's just the right distance away from any major city so that y'can see the stars at night- sort of beautiful, really. At least, it would be, if your skin didn't crawl just looking at it.

Welcome to Spook Chateau, a castle that seems to've been born straight out of your typical storybook. Bats fly around it at night, wolves howl in the distance and candlelight flickers in its windows. It's no better within the ancient beast of a keep.. where the shadows are dark, the cobwebs linger, tapestries flutter in wind unfelt and the lanterns give no guarantee of permanent light.

But abandoned, it is not..

:star: Host Note! :star:
Flex your creativity within the castle, and enjoy designing your own image of the Chateau's spooky and Halloween-decorated innards for your own personal ease and flow of art.

July 29th, 2012:
Premise and setting revealed. Audition information to be announced when the host references are uploaded on a later date... But, enough information about the OCT has been revealed to give folks plenty of time to decide whether or not they wanna play.

August 02, 2012:
More FAQ added to the profile page. Added a bit of intel into what the judges are looking for here. More information to be released soon.

August 11, 2012:
Minor changes made to the Guidelines blog.

August 24, 2012:
The countdown has started.

Additionally, by popular demand, there is a chatroom for you boils and ghouls to romp around in. But, please, don't hang around the chatroom if you need to ask something important about the OCT- that's what group notes are for!

August 28, 2012:
Auditions are NOW OPEN! You'll find all information in its rightful place, and all entries have been updated. We are now also currently accepting prize donations, as well as affiliates- just note the group if you're interested in either.

Additionally, please note the group if you have any questions whatsoever about auditions, guidelines or characters. I can not stress this enough.

September 05, 2012:
After so many have mistaken HerbalJabbage as staff and have been asking her questions.. it's been decided that she is now, officially, a member of the SpookChateau staff. I'm also pleased to announce that she will be coming up with a host character of her own, so keep an eye out for that!

September 06, 2012:
A couple of very interesting, fun and great things have happened within the past several hours. In addition to gaining a fifth staff member by way of HerbalJabbage's welcome assistance with chatroom activities and the judging, Spook Chateau is now a supergroup, donated by our friend saburu91 (to assist us with making this project as appealing as possible- look, there's a countdown timer, now- HOW FUN)! And on top of that, the lovely Charanty has made a stamp to help spread word of the OCT!

Spook Chateau OCT stamp by Charanty

Even if you don't have a subscription, you too can help out by featuring our OCT in your journals, in the signature of your comments, affiliation with your groups, or even through word-of-mouth to people you know are looking for original character tournaments to join. Or, if you'd like, you could donate prizes- just note the group if you'd like to pitch in art or other goodies. Our prize listing so far can be found on the front page of our profile, just below the FAQ.

Addendum: HerbalJabbage's host character will be completed and uploaded to the group at some point during this weekend- if you'd like to wait those few tiny days, I'll peg a few days on to the end of the audition period, so that you have time compensation.

September 08, 2012:
The host reference has been updated with HerbalJabbage's host character, and two days have been pegged onto the audition date!

SpookChateau: Host References by PumpkinBat

Also, there is now a logo (via request/suggestion) that you may use to your liking on any SpookChateau-related things. It's in no way related to any story, it's simply a graphic that can be used to tag things (as you can see by example in the host reference).

SpookChateau: Logo by PumpkinBat

September 11, 2012

The VA post is now its own thing, found here. It'll be updated whenever a new name is added to the list.

On a fun note, the host-characters have a non-canon Formspring account that you can visit, found here. Replies here are in-character but not canon to the story, and it also isn't canon for the characters to actually have a formspring account. This is just something fun some of the judges wanted to do.

Please don't send questions to that account asking for information on the OCT itself. That's something you should note the group itself about. :heart:

October 12, 2012

An extension has been asked for, so an extension you'll get- Halloween's the last day to submit. Judging won't take too long, either, so this'll probably step off very soon after the deadline.

Additionally, there's been a question lately as to the 'human only rule'- folks want to know loopholes, and exceptions. Thing is, it isn't a rule. It's a guideline. We're giving you what we're looking for, yes. Our preferences. If you ask us, we're gonna tell you what we'd prefer- human in costume. But, if you look at those guidelines, however, and see something in your head that loosely resembles them... go for it. Just go.

For all purposes, however, if you aren't bringing in something perfectly human.. make it at least seem human for the audition period. Make the hosts believe it's a human. Do something. I'unno. Just follow everything else to a point- especially making sure you aren't gonna end up overpowering everyone else (not character strength-wise, but spotlight-wise).

Also, remember, your audition doesn't need to be very long at all! Don't stress over length- just focus on quality of the story. :> Auditions are just preambles, prologues- doesn't gotta be long at all! The rounds will also reflect the quality-over-quantity rule. :3

November 1, 2012

The audition period is over, and judging has begun (though it won't take too long). Take advantage of these next two days- grace is now offered. If you're rushing to finish, you have until the countdown runs out (or, if you're in another time zone, your equivalent to midnight on November the second) to turn your auditions in.

But, judging is taking place as this is being typed, and results will likely be posted much sooner than you think. So, those struggling (some of you because of Hurricane Sandy, bless your bones) you have the time now to finish up!

In the meantime, everyone should go take a look through all the fabulous auditions we've gotten, if you haven't already!

TL;DR- Grace period announced- it ends on 11/2/2012 at midnight. But the judging's already begun, so getcho groove thing on, 'cause this party's about to start.

November 3, 2012

Hello, contestants! Judging is full-force at the moment, as the grace period has ended. But as we are very human, and want to make sure we've got everyone, please look over this list to make sure your name is here. If we missed you (or we didn't list your partner) let us know, and we'll fix that! Please inform us via note to the group so that we keep record of it.

:iconsnook-8:… -…

:iconragtimelime:… -…

:iconflatw00ds: -

:iconbeltaguise:… -…

:iconcoffeegoblet:… -…

:iconichikowindgryphon: :iconseekerpsycho:
ichikowindgryphon.deviantart.c… -ichikowindgryphon.deviantart.c…


:iconfrisca-freak:… -…

:iconelicou:… -…



:iconwerewolfye: -…





:iconffenix-nova: :iconfotohunter:… -…


:iconkrazykez: -…

:iconmaaz123: :icondieter-dieter:… -…

We're astounded by the number of auditions we've gotten! Judging results will be out soon, and then this party can begin!

November 5, 2012

We are pleased to announce the results of audition judging. It was a tough choice, but the judges have come up with their decision for the contestants. These sixteen individuals will move into round one, and will be randomly matched up against another of the sixteen contestants, continuing their path each round that they are successful in out-performing their opponent. Four rounds of exhilarating spookiness! How exciting!

Congratulations to everyone!


Match-ups will be announced in a few hours.

In the meanwhile, we do have critiques available for those who'd like to know what they can do to improve on their work for the round ahead (and, if you didn't make it in, you could ask for the sake of future improvements).

I personally suggest you take advantage of this- the judges certainly had things to say about each, and it may make the difference between a round won and a round lost. Just note the group and we'd be glad to offer you the judges' words on your entry! This is a chance for contestants find out what they'd need to do in order to improve, so please don't pass up such an opportunity! <3

November 5, 2012

With match-ups posted, I'd just like to take this moment to thank everybody for participating. We had such a strong turn-out for this wee little OCT, I'm quite pleased.

You may still ask for critiques via note (and I still suggest you do so, if you haven't already) all throughout the OCT. Also! Underneath the countdown timer, I've added a few tips. Please keep these in mind, as they're important. If I make them so obvious, they're very much important. Go read those now, if you have a moment.

One last thing, my friends- A reminder, because I know a few of you are already in need of it. Spook Chateau is a story-based OCT, as we've been saying all along. The conflict that you create between characters should not be as simple as throwing them at each other in an arena. While fighting is indeed an option, it should not be all there is to your story. Read the Premise and Setting again, for ideas, if needbe.

And, remember, that the core of this OCT's premise should remain intact: everyone transforms, and so does the castle. We're expecting it! It can happen round-by-round, or it can happen all at once. Keep your story in mind, and make your choices wisely. Remember the structure of a proper story, and keep in mind that the story should continue all four rounds, not just a single one!

Good luck, everyone.

PS- contestants can now join Members, for easy submittal of their first pages. :>

December 11, 2012

As a few folks have alerted me- finals are a thing right about now, and a bit of breathing room would be appreciated. Right? Just so happens I know the holidays coming up would also be bothersome, so a couple of weeks tacked on to the end of the deadline would help with that, too.

I was really planning to announce this on that not-really-the-end-of-the-world day, but I figured, hey- you lot? You'd appreciate knowing it ahead of time. *cough*

So! New deadline!

January 12th, 2013

Get it in by midnight, your own timezone, and you're good!

January 08, 2013

Hey, guys! Happy new year!

That deadline is creeping up! Only a few days away, now! Right about now, you have two options:

1) Turn in your round, by submitting it directly into the group (join as a member, first), or sending it to the group via a link in the note. Remember, it only needs to be the first page! But make sure you link all of the pages together, for easy navigation.

2) If you have much to get done, but won't have time to finish (by reason of school or whatnot, I know the holidays suck for a bunch of people), note the group and let us know! We won't comply to an extension unless a certain amount of people alert us- and if we do get enough alerts, we'll extend it fourteen days-- but that will be the last one for round numero uno, and there will be no grace period.

Ya'll have until the end of the twelfth to get your pages in, or tell us of a need for extension.



January 12th, 2013
Get it in by midnight, your own timezone, and you're good!

January 10, 2013

(Edit at bottom.)

The judges and I have discussed the matter of an extension, since there were a few individuals concerned by the time crunch. You all have had over two months' time, and this is just the first round. We realize this. What we also realize is that the holidays have kicked everyone's butts- and excluding the holiday rush periods from the time, you have had about a month and two weeks, give or take.

I said, if I gave you this extension, it'd be a firm one. And I'm sticking to that. You'll get your two weeks' time, but if your entry isn't finished and done by the last minute of this new deadline, I ain't offering any grace periods or lenience.

Next round, let's shoot for everyone getting their entries done on time, alright? Ya'll knew before you started that this was going to be time consuming- it was right there in the rules. I warned you, and next round, there's no big holidays cramming up your time- we can do this, guys! You're so capable, I believe in your!

And if you're on time so far, good job. You're doing amazing, you're doing great. :heart: Keep up the good work. Take the extra time to polish your work, or, de-stress. Play some vidya games.

So! -here we go.

January 23rd is the last day for you to turn in your entries. After that, I'm cutting the round and judging will begin!

Apologies. I'm going to have to inch back on that. Good points were brought up by your fellow contestants, and even though I listened to my team in the initial decision, I'm also going to take your thoughts into mind.

Another two weeks is truly unfair to the people that worked their butts off to get it done.

The deadline is still the twelfth, but you have until the sixteenth to turn in your work. We'll begin judging on the thirteenth. On the seventeenth, no more late entries will be accepted, and shortly after that we'll have judging available.

C'mon, guys, let's do this! I still stand by what I said- you're capable. You're all so wonderfully capable and I believe in you.

January 17, 2013

And... time! No more entries for round one will be accepted as of right now, and judging is already underway. We hope to be done within a week.

Stay creepy, guys!

January 26, 2013

I'm very sorry for the delay.

Sometimes life throws you a fast one, and you gotta take care of it, y'know?

In my case, it was a visit to the ER for something that could have been fatal... eugh. Not even kidding. And the medicine they have me on leaves me out-of-sorts and I'm misplacing entire days, now.

I won't be on this stuff for long, just until the follow-up. So, you don't have to worry about this for the future. Unless things get worse, in which case, I'll hand the big boy reigns over to my second-in-command, who'll run the show in my stead.

So you guys have nothing to worry about.

Judging is pretty much complete, though. Results will be posted very soon, just waiting on one little thing and then we'll be good to go.


PS: You can go ahead and start noting the group for your tips/suggestions/constructive advice. Doesn't matter if you won or lost the round, afterall- critiques are good for future rounds, whether or not it's in this OCT.

January 27, 2013

Thanks for the concern, guys. Here's your round one results!

Remember, you can note the group (and only the group, please) for your critiques!

Congratulations, my fine fiends!

However, we've ended at an uneven number.

Because the last match-up ended in a stalemate, it was decided we had a need to give a ticket- a ticket to the next round- to one of those who didn't make it. The options were weighed and the hosts have decided:


For your excellence in storytelling, character interaction and effort, you get to go on to the next round. Cherish this second chance, you will not get another!

Match-ups will be posted later.

March 08, 2013

And TIME. No more submissions, please! We're getting this thing moving and judging is already taking place. Ya'll rock. Good job. Brb judging.

March 07, 2013

Remember, time ends tonight, midnight your time! Submit submit submit!

However since I won't be staying up until midnight your time, I'll be checking it in the morning- so you've got a few spare hours of grace ('til bout 9, EST). Ain't much, but it's all I'm giving since I'd like to get this show on the road. I won't count it unless it's already in the gallery, or in the group's inbox. So remember, submit it, or note it!

Tomorrow upon the calling of the closing, I'll be posting something fun for everyone to do while we tear your entries apart-- I mean, while we judge. Once again, critiques will be available. Simply note the group if you want to hear what the judges said.

Expect the next round to fall in about a week.

March 05, 2013

There was an issue with the round two folder not accepting submissions. That's been fixed, now! You are now free to submit your first page. c: Remember to link all your pages together in their description!

March 02, 2013

The deadline is creeping up, only five days away. Ya'll know what this means~. Please start to submit your first page at your convenience! You can note it to the group as a link, or submit it directly if you've joined the group as a member. Time snaps shut the morning of the eighth, which is when I'll call the close (because I'm not gonna stay up 'til midnight in the latest timezone, sorry :'D).

Also, expect a little treat within the next few days!

March 13, 2013

Judging is done~.

You've all done a great job, I couldn'tve asked for a better group. Now, quite a few people ended up forfeiting due to upcoming heightened stress levels (that dreadful thing known as school is stealing victims from us), and we're sorry to see you go, you've all been such a joy.. yet, fate has left us with two outstanding individuals who will be progressing to the third and final round.

:iconmr-haitch: vs :iconflatw00ds:

Before the round progresses, however, let me share two very important things with you, things that you should heed- well, one horribly important thing and one thing that might be important to some):
1. To make obvious what the judges are looking for, once more: story, effort, and character treatment. This is the final round, so try to wrap up all your loose ends, answer all questions with your story and give it all you've got in terms of character interaction.. including the hosts! Now's your chance to unveil the big story, so do so proudly!

2. To those who haven't asked yet, you can still get critiques from us! Simply send the group a note and we'll be glad to relay our thoughts on your round.

Deadline is on May 29th, 2013!
A good bit of time given to you two, so you have all the time for
planning, writing, artin' and finishing- you deserve (and need) it!

PS: If you win round three, you can trade up your first place art prizes for a Spook Chateau comic written and illustrated by the judges, featuring your character! It could tie in to the end of your story, or it could be an 'alternate ending'- it's up to you to decide, but up to us to write an' draw it. c: How's that for extra incentive?

May 26, 2013

The final days have come!

Only three days left 'til the final round is over- and that's only three days 'til your entries are due. A round three folder has been created, and to our final two contestants, you may now submit your first page (but only your first page- keep all your pages linked together via the description, as you have been).

Also, when it comes time for judging, please be patient! The final round is always the hardest.

May 30, 2013

Hooray! Flawless finish; you two are great, thanks for getting everything in on time!

While the judges and I discuss these fantastic entries, I'd like to step back and admire how smoothly this OCT's run, thanks to you guys. Mind you, having an extensive amount of drop-outs did shorten the OCT from four rounds to three, but I think everything worked out really well. It didn't even snag and the boat kept on sailing. Everyone was fantastic!

After we announce the winner (that's got me all pumped up), and after a nice little break, there'll be another announcement about the future of Spook Chateau. We're super excited about all the upcoming revelations, and we hope you are, too! Sit back and relax, though- ya'll earned it!


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